Middleton Police Department Commercial Builders

City of Middleton Police Department

OWNER | City of Middleton ARCHITECT | Zimmerman Architects SIZE | 52,000 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate, Government   We were honored to work with the

WIPFLi CPAs and Consultants Commercial Builder


OWNER  |  WIPFLi ARCHITECT   |  Potter Lawson SIZE | 38,000 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate   Two floors of the Arbor Gate Development East Tower are

Food Concepts

OWNER  |  Food Concepts Real Estate ARCHITECT   |  Durrant Associates SIZE | 78,000 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate, Green, Manufacturing/Industrial   Food Concepts, Inc. was a

Loomis Building

OWNER  |  Loomis Investments, LLC ARCHITECT   |  Welman Architects SIZE | 49,500 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate, Retail/Restaurant   When we make a promise, we keep

Park Bank

OWNER  |  Park Bank ARCHITECT   |  Architecture-CSG, Inc. SIZE  |  10,390 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate, Retail/Restaurant   We constructed a new facility from the ground up

Cascade Asset Management

OWNER  |  Sogan, LLC ARCHITECT   |  Schulfer Architects, LLC. / Gary Brink & Associates SIZE  |  42,739 ft2 / 16,435 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate, Green, Manufacturing/Industrial


OWNER  |  NET Holdings, LLC ARCHITECT   |  Gary Brink & Associates SIZE  |  19,000 ft2 (5,000 ft2 Office) CATEGORY | Corporate   Through a design-build partnership,

High Track Cold Storage

OWNER  |  High Track Cold Storage ARCHITECT   |  Potter Lawson SIZE  |  198,227 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate, Laboratory, Manufacturing/Industrial   We built a successful partnership

Kayser Nissan Dealership Construction Buildings

Kayser Nissan

OWNER  |  Kayser Automotive ARCHITECT   |  Strang, Inc. SIZE  |  15,000 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate, Retail/Restaurant   The facility was constructed with composite metal panel and

Corbi Plastics

OWNER  |  Corbi Plastics ARCHITECT   |  Strang, Inc. SIZE  |  84,000 ft2 (4,000 ft2 Office) CATEGORY | Corporate, Manufacturing/Industrial   Both headquarters and manufacturing operations are housed