Park Bank

OWNER  |  Park Bank ARCHITECT   |  Architecture-CSG, Inc. SIZE  |  10,390 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate, Retail/Restaurant   We constructed a new facility from the ground up

Kayser Nissan Dealership Construction Buildings

Kayser Nissan

OWNER  |  Kayser Automotive ARCHITECT   |  Strang, Inc. SIZE  |  15,000 ft2 CATEGORY | Corporate, Retail/Restaurant   The facility was constructed with composite metal panel and

Death’s Door Spirits

OWNER | Death’s Door Spirits ARCHITECT | Shulfer Architects, LLC. SIZE | 20,500 ft2 CATEGORY | Laboratory, Manufacturing/Industrial, Retail/Restaurant   As a Wisconsin-based construction company,

Roman Candle Bar Construction

Roman Candle

OWNER | Roman Candle ARCHITECT | Destree Architecture & Design SIZE | 2,915 ft2 CATEGORY | Retail/Restaurant   For this project, we demolished the existing interiors of both


OWNER | Lucille Madison ARCHITECT | OPN Architects SIZE | 9,340 ft2 CATEGORY | Retail/Restaurant   We started this project by gutting this 1980s era

Arbor Gate

OWNER | Arbor Gate Development, LLC ARCHITECT | Potter Lawson SIZE | 213,000 ft2 Building & 190,000 ft2 Parking Ramp CATEGORY | Corporate, Green, Retail/Restaurant